Introducing FloodRunner: Automated monitoring using Flood Element tests

A platform for monitoring applications using functional Flood Element tests.

Introducing FloodRunner: Automated monitoring using Flood Element tests

Production systems need to be scalable, robust and always available, so monitoring them and performing functional testing of critical features is key to successful applications — that’s where FloodRunner comes in.

FloodRunner is a platform for monitoring your applications using Flood Element tests. Flood Element is a a browser level testing framework that is highly scalable and makes functional testing a breeze. These functional tests can also be easily be converted to full scale load tests using platforms like Flood.

— Read more about functional testing with Flood Element here.

Why FloodRunner?

FloodRunner solves the key problem where users have created Flood Element tests that they want to run on a schedule. These tests are generally written in order to perform load testing but FloodRunner allows you to use these tests to perform continuous monitoring of your applications.

How does it work?

FloodRunner allows you to upload your test through a simple form and then view the results of your tests.

The process to get your monitoring started is really simple:

  1. Navigate to and sign in using GitHub or Google. Currently we are in Beta and the platform is free with certain limitations.
FloodRunner home page

2. Create a test using the test schedule creation form.

FloodRunner test schedule creation form

3. View the status of your scheduled Flood Element test on the home page.

FloodRunner home page @

4. Drill into the results of your scheduled test by clicking View Results . This page will show you previous test runs and allow you to view the logs output from the test run.

FloodRunner test results page

Come try the Beta

We’ve just launched the FloodRunner Beta and are excited to hear what people think of the platform and get your suggestions on features you would like developed.

FloodRunner available at

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